Haunt Your Home 2023

Ready to get in the Halloween spirit? 

Get creepy and creative as you try to out-boo your neighbors for our neighborhood’s best decorated Halloween Home Braggin Rights! Oh and a trophy!

Have your home decorated by October 23rd for the entire neighborhood to enjoy and vote on their favorite house!

Want to participate?

1. Sign up below so your address can be added to the ballot.

2. Have all your decorations up and running by sunset on October 23rd!

3. Ballots will go out the week of the 23rd for everyone in the neighborhood to vote! Be sure to cast your vote even if you don’t sign up! (As the event sponsor we aren’t participating in the competition.)

4. Cast your vote for your favorite house! Be sure to have your vote in by Friday the 27th!

5. Enjoy all the decorations and don’t forget to trick or treat around the neighborhood to enjoy them all on the spookiest night of the year!

6. Come on out to the “Begonia Drive Cemetery” (aka my house: 20752 Begonia) on Saturday the 28th at 6pm to find out who the winner is and enjoy haunted Halloween family fun.